The Madden 64 Trailer Absolutely TRUCK STICKS Madden 21

I know the fresh Madden 21 trailer dropped earlier this week and it has everyone freaking out and rightfully so. The game looks fucking amazing. Smitty blogged it here and he wasn't wrong at all when he said it's been the same game 10+ years in the making. But honestly pound for pound there's no way you can get hyped for that trailer without reflecting back on a day when Scott Mitchell deep to Herman Moore was a lethal combo. The only reason 21 fucks the way it does is because we've slowly grinded through some amazing developments. Well I'm bring you Madden 64 to remind everyone this was the first big upgrade of my life. From Super Nintendo to N64 and it was special to behold. Years later I'm embarrassed to admit I'd log 12-14 hours daily playing Madden 64 against intentionally bottomed-out artificial intelligence but it is what it is. 

* Turns opponents fumbles up to 99* 

Also worth mentioning that there's a lot of hate out there about 90's kids right now. People criticizing us for being immature and not growing up. Well guess what fuckfaces we didn't have all this awesome technology. Every phase in life has been another edition of purgatory. Get a tape cassette player then a portable CD player then an MP3 player then an iPod literally 4 Christmases in a row then come talk to me. We're the lab rats they used Facebook and social media on. Go to college and come out WHOOPS THERE'S NO JOBS. We're the first generation where graduate school means absolutely nothing. The first ones to find out the hard realities of student loans at 6% and that real estate prices don't always go up. Literally at every turn Millennials have been asked to pivot and take on some new kind of vague, intangible challenge while enduring ruthless ridicule from the generations above us for being soft wet pussies just because we're not as readily eager to spend a lifetime getting fucked for a paycheck. Now I find out younger people think we (Millennials) suck because of a minor generational drinking problem and it's like we can't catch a break. Like we're the only damaged goods walking around town? Fuck off. 

I'm not saying N64 is the best and that everybody else sucks. I'm not even arguing that Millennials are superior to anyone. All I'm saying is cut us some goddamn slack. There's several reasons we drink like we do and I won't pretend they don't exist just because you guys are stacking Tik Tok clout.