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Marshall Faulk Is Still Butt Hurt About Spygate

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So Marshall Faulk was at Fanfest at the Final Four taking questions from the crowd.  Everybody was throwing him absolute softballs and layups.  The one question nobody was supposed to ask him about was Spygate.   That was literally sent out by his agent.  Umm you don’t make the rules Marshall I do.   I will admit I was at a severe disadvantage without the microphone and the crowd seemed to hate me, but I don’t give a fuck.  Defend the Wall at all costs.    I will say the one thing I’m disappointed in myself about is when he brought up Deflategate.   Apparently Marshall hasn’t gotten the memo that Deflategate wasn’t even a real thing yet.  Just a conspiracy by the Colts, Ravens and the NFL and that’s why the Wells Report hasn’t come out and probably never will.   But whatever Marshall…keep telling yourself you lost because the Pats cheated and not because Willie McGinist put you in his back pocket.


PS – I guess WE is WEEI.