Chuba Hubbard Threatening To Not Play After Photo Of Mike Gundy In OAN Shirt Goes Viral

This is a big deal. For those who aren't college football fans, Hubbard is one of the top returning players in the entire nation this year. He has a legitimate shot at the Heisman. He is now saying he will not do anything with Oklahoma State until things change. Other teammates have joined in. 

Former Oklahoma State RB Justice Hill:

This was all spurred by the fact that Gundy was wearing an OAN shirt. Don't know what OAN is? You aren't alone. One American News is a relatively new news channel that has found success during Trump's presidency due to his liking of the network. The news network is definitely controversial thanks to its right-leaning politics and allegedly running conspiracy theories. 

I'll let you come to your own opinion on OAN as a whole after doing your own research. I've never watched the network and don't know much outside of a few articles I've read about it. With that being said, this is a serious situation that is developing at Oklahoma State from a football perspective. The OAN shirt is probably a last straw on the camels back situation. As we can see in Hubbard's tweet he says "until things change." He isn't just mad about the OAN shirt. Just look at what Justice Hill said:


Hubbard doing this is a really big deal and shows the power that college athletes are realizing they have. You may not agree with him being mad at Gundy wearing an OAN shirt, but Hubbard taking a stand against it? That's his right. He's allowed to do what he pleases and due to how good of a football player he is, his power will most likely equal change. That's a big deal.