Would You Actually Care If Olivia Culpo Pooped On You a Little?

So Olivia Culpo was doing a little TikTok pranking yesterday with her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. Looks like she asked for her back to be cracked and then acted like she accidentally pooped on him. To be honest, I don't think the sound they made was anywhere close to what a poop sounds like, but I guess that's irrelevant. Anyways, the question that popped into my head was would you care if you got pooped on a little bit by Olivia Culpo? 

I'm talking like you two were hooking up and it accidentally came out. Would you have the nerve or will-power to step away from the scene and be grossed out? Would you keep going on and try to pretend that didn't happen? I feel like 98% of us are going to side on being okay with it. I mean it's Olivia Culpo. Accidents happen, we've all been there. Maybe not while hooking up with someone, but shit happens (pun intended). What if you found out she had a poop fetish? Is that a deal breaker? What if it was a thing she couldn't control? I still think you go for it. We're all going to die some day. If Culpo wants to have sex with you, then you deal with all the shit that comes with it (okay couldn't help myself there). Then again it's easy to say these things sitting with a computer on my lap. Put me in the moment and who the fuck knows what my brain will do. 

I told a story on KFC Radio a while back of my friend waking up to the realization that the girl he slept with the night before shit everywhere while they were having sex. The other roommate stumbled into the bathroom to find it at like lunch time the next day. Then we checked the bed. It's an all-timer that you can listen to here at the 33:50 mark. On the bathroom floor next to the toilet, the bathroom window sill, and even the sheets. It was a DISASTER and will be a story that'll never escape me until I die.  

Anyways, think about your answer. Remind yourself what Olivia and looks like and then tell me you'd really be that up in arms about some poop. No you wouldn't.