ESPN Gives The Kings A 0% Chance To Win The 8 Seed, Kings Twitter Account And A Bunch Of Players Immediately Call Them Out

So this is the tweet that sent it all off. ESPN doing an article on the teams going to Orlando. It makes sense, but they naturally did the arbitrary percentages of teams that can make the playoffs. They just happened to not list the Kings or Suns. Like legit 0%, no chance to get within 4 games of the 8 spot for the play-in tournament. Now I know what you might think. How much of a chance do they actually have? 

They have the same damn record as the Pelicans! They are ahead of the Spurs! You can't give them a 0% chance when they are sitting right there. You have to give them a 2% or some shit. But this is what I really love. You have the Kings twitter account and players immediately calling them out: 

Need the Kings to make the playoffs now. Need them to run the table and go 8-0 to finish the regular season. I don't even care if it's corny, I love when team accounts start responding like this. The NBA typically does this more than the other leagues, but really need more of it. Give me the social media managers firing off tweets like it's a personal account. 

Also just imagine Vlade Divac proving ESPN wrong. Vlade will always crack me up.