108 Years Ago Today Franz Reichelt Homemade Parachute Failed Him As He Jumped To His Death Off The Eiffel Tower

At first, I was going to write this blog as a smear piece about Franz Reichelt. What an idiot, I thought. 

After I watched this video for the third or fourth time, I thought to myself, wait a minute, I should celebrate this man.

You know what balls this takes? Yeah, the average person in 1912 was much dumber than the average person today, but let's be real here, Reichelt knew the risk involved. He still went out there and goddamnit, he did it. There's a big lesson in that. To have enough balls to believe in yourself? Now, hopefully, you don't end up dead at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, but you get the point. Go out there and attack your life like Franz did. With the belief that Franz had. Just don't end up dead...okay?

Shout out Franz Reichelt. May we never forget the lessons he taught us.