A Collection of My Week Spent On Various Niche Podcasts

On last weeks Token CEO podcast I mentioned that I had been a guest on a couple smaller podcasts because I was bored in the quarentine and then got a bunch of requests to do others so I decided Id handle them all over the course of one week and do the randomnest pods I could find, so here's a collection of all of them:


The SwimBros Podcast: Me and the House Brothers discus swimming, what I would change about the sport (different color pools), there diets during competition, and if theres a faster way to swim than normal freestyle. Was alot of fun:

The world of business to busiiness software sales:

The second show I stopped by was “Don’t Change The Channel” which is a podcast about software and network solutions sales. Among other topic’s we covered were exactly what a “solution” is, and a mount flushmore of people you’d want to be stuck on a zoom call with. Very enlightening and got to swap some old sales storys from my former lifes.

Canadian Personal Injury Law:

Next up was “Exhibit Eh” which- yep= you guest it- is a Canadian Personal Injury Podcast. We talked about Moose Law, how soupy the ice can be before its considered negligent, and maple syrup rights. It was honestly very interesting gaining a little legal insight into our friendly neighbors to the north- or at least they want you to think there nice until they go red dawn on our asses and America’s hat becomes its garter belt.

A Middle School Band Teacher Podcast About Classroom Management & Motivating Pre-teens and Teenagers

Third podcast I did was called the Tenuto Podcast. Tenuto is hosted by a middle school band teacher, who uses his platform to discus classroom management, how to motivate the youngsters, and music in general. His pitch to me was a instant yes:

This was a lot of fun- Kevin aka Mr. Lynch the host is a very cool guy and its always fascinating to me to take a peek into the lives of teachers since my mom was a public school teacher for like 30 yrs. Kevin got me remembering back to how I got started playing music, and hearing him give his perspective on the Mount Rushmore of Band Instruments. I learned that inheriting a band program with a surplus of Tuba players is like a college coach going to a school with a culture of big hoss O-Linemen it just makes everything easier. By the end of the show I think he offered me a job molding the minds of America’s youth.

Beef Cattle and Livestock judging podcast

Next up is Chute Side- a podcast all about livestock and beef.  It was great to sit down and chew the fat hopefully I didn’t butcher it to bad, flankly. We talked about the GOAT lineage of beef- shoutout Heatwave, wether Wagyu is a crock, is medium rare plus a actual thing, and a Mount Rushmore of places to eat beef. I had a great time and learned a few things even though Travis won’t admit that he’s secretly eaten the Beyond Meat burger and loved it.

Corn Podcast

The next show I stopped by was “off the cob” a podcast about corn. Is corn a fruit, vegetable, grain? Who knows but I tried to find out. Its amazing how many things depend on corn in this country, including apparently, Mike Huckabees butthole. This podcast came out on national corn on the cob day so it was a incredible honor to be invited on as a guest for that show. Also they taught me their patented way to eat corn in the most efficient way possible. A must-do life hack.

Harry Potter Podcast:

Last but not least I went on Harry Potter and the Half Drunk Podcast where they explained the sport of quidditch to me like I was a 3 year old and they sent me a recipe for butter beer. I’ve never read, nor watched a Harry Potter but I did see a recap of the gauntlet of fire so we talked about the tri-wizard tournament and I found a new analogy that I will run into the ground within a couple weeks. The ladies gave me a sorting hat test to determine which house I belong in- slitherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or other. The result will shock you!

Honestly I had a great time on all of them. Its cool to talk to people about different stuff they’re passionate in and try to learn a little about their worlds and Im really glad I did it. And dont worry Im still very much happy in my podcast relationship with Pardon My Take- they say variety is the spice of life, well having a stable relationship is the heatwave ribeye that you put it on. That said, I might make this a thing where I do a new show once every month to keep learning and meeting interesting folks who are in the podcast game to share their interests no matter how niche they might be. Thanks to everyone who invited me Im sorry I didn’t have the time to do them all but maybe at some point in the future. Godbless and always remember the podcasters code- “if you don’t say it, someone else will.”