THANK YOU: 'Chernobyl' Directer Taking Helm Of HBO's 'The Last Of Us' Pilot

YES YES YES!  Thank you for putting someone of merit in charge of a potential amazing show.  Anyone who played the first The Last Of Us should be overly JUICED for its pilot. It was almost the perfect game, and the original storytelling was one of the main reasons for that.  Seriously. The Last Of US: Movie Edition is probably the best 6+ hour long film ever created. Seriously. I'd put this bad boy up against 90% of the trash being rolled out in cinemas right now.

Just do it right, and then keep it right, please.  Remember how actually good the first season of The Walking Dead was 835 years ago under Frank Darabount (The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Mist) before they ran him out and it quickly became the worst show everyone can't stop watching?  Yeah, don't do that HBO.  Also, let's not forget about The Last Of Us II coming sooner than later.  

There are a LOT of questions to be answered after the first amazing tale ended. Where's Ellie? Where's Joel? Where's the goddamn Clickers...oh. There they are. Still, I guess we're just going all in on the disturbing right from the jump with this sequel, eh? In that short trailer we witnessed hanging, an attempt to cut open the womb, "Clipping Wings" via hammer, arrow through the eye, hatchets to the head, and multiple women giving men orders. Truly terrifying stuff.  Regardless, between the original storytelling, A+ graphics, and eclectic gameplay, the first Last Of Us had a little something for everyone. Personally, the original is up there for yo when it comes to these type of games. The Ocarina Of Time, Red Dead Redemption, Resident Evil 4, and The Last Of Us. A solid 1 thru 4 punch of 50+ hours worth of memories right to the kisser.

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Carry on.