Is Having A Few Chardonnays A Good Excuse For An Unsuccessful War Zone Drop? I Say Yes

Was I asleep? Maybe. Or was I just ready to be such a daredevil that I waited until the last second to deploy my parachute and was unsuccessful in that venture? It could be either one of those. At the end of the day I simply had a few chardonnays & there was a lapse in judgement. Either way...I had a few chardonnays, what of it?

teases the man from uncle GIF Giphy Images.

I'm only a little sad that we didn't get a W on our first night of the HooliganZ squad assembling. That would've been cool. Although not getting a dub is almost what the HooliganZ are about...We're a fun squad and that's what we did last night until 3am. Good times with good friends.

Come through!