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It's Not Opening Day In Detroit Without A Bunch Of Guys And Girls Punching Each Other In The Face







Opening Day is when everyone starts to get back into the swing of summer living. The weather is finally breaking and you can start enjoying life the way it’s intended to be lived. Here in Boston we sit outside, have a lobster roll, and drink beers. Everyone just enjoys life and does what they love doing. Detroit is no different. They just happen love drinking by dumpsters and fighting. Maybe that’s not your thing, but it’s Detroit’s. It’s what they hold dear to their hearts and what makes them say “That’s right, this is why I live here for all those shitty winter months, because when Opening Day comes around I can finally get outside and punch a chick in the mouth while standing in sewage. God, I love this city.”



PS – “I’m ignorant” is a great way to say “I’m drunk.”