Pacers, Do The Right Thing. Bring Lance Stephenson Home.

My old coworker and pal Dan Dakich tweeted this on Tuesday:

For those who don't know - the entire Teague family is from Indy. Went to Pike. The oldest of them went to Purdue, Jeff went to Wake Forrest, Marquis was the point guard on the national title winning Kentucky Wildcats in 2012. 

So that means Stephenson is 1. Back in Indy, and 2. Apparently in great shape ready to return to the NBA. 

Which prompted this response from me:

Lance belongs on the Pacers, and the Pacers belong with Lance. For whatever reason he doesn't really work anywhere else, but when he is wearing the blue and gold he has an impact. He's like the friend who is a lot to handle and annoys people who "don't know him that well", but you guys have been friends for so long that his annoying qualities become endearing and your loyal to him for life even when other people don't understand why. 

Some will say it causes problems. Some don't like the attention he brings to himself. But the dude is a showman, and he balls out for this team and this city. 

For a while in Indy we just called it the "Lance Effect". He would bring the juice no matter what even if he was coming off the bench for 12-15 minutes a game - a stretch that can be absolutely critical. Lance and Indy is one of the more unlikely love affairs, but one that we both keep wanting to go back to.

At the end of the day what we are watching is entertainment, and no one is more entertaining night in and night out than Born Ready Lance Stephenson.