Wake Up With A Did You Know: Why Americans And British People Have Such Different Accents

Fucking Lord Cornwallis, man. What an arrogant prick. Those British characters in "The Patriot" are just that much more hatable because they have that elitist, high and mighty, accent as they look down their noses at us Americans. This movie though, when it comes to the British officers accents is NOT historically accurate though. The British accent we think of today as dropping hard Rs as they watch soccer and drink tea with their pinkies up and the Queen doing that stupid wave didn't even exist back then. At the time of the American Revolution. The British were talking like us. 

In the early 1800s, British elites all got together and decided they didn't want to sound like poor people. They needed some sort of way to distinguish themselves from the working class besides money, clothes, monocles, pocket watches, and top hats. They wanted to be able to hear how poor a person was in their voice. The British aristocracy invented a way of speaking out of thin air just to be snooty bitches. Eventually, the general population started mimicking the wealthy and by 1900 everyone in the United Kingdom from the Queen all the way down to her chimney sweep was speaking with this new type of accent. 

Americans reaction to this new form of English was something akin to 

For the most part Americans weren't interested in changing they way they spoke just because some rich assholes in London's high society decided to. Places that were still filled with Tories who were still Anglo-files like Boston and Savannah tried to adopt some aspects of the soft-R English accent, but they couldn't quite get it and as a result, 200 years later you have people like Rear Admiral

Have a good day, blokes. 

PS: Rich people in England still hate people who speak poor. Brummy and Cockney accents in England are still looked down upon'