You Know That $3 Million Fishing Tournament MJ Entered? Well He Just Caught a 442-Pound Marlin

Reags blogged yesterday about Michael Jordan entering a fishing tournament with a prize of more than $3 million, which is right in line with what everybody knows about MJ. If there's money on the line, Jordan is in.

Well, his team reeled in a 442-pound marlin today.

TMZ — Air Jordan has just conquered another element -- WATER -- 'cause Michael Jordan's Catch 23 boat just caught a 442.3-pound blue marlin in a fishing tourney!!

MJ was all smiles when his crew brought in the huge blue marlin on Tuesday ... which is good enough to put them in 5th place for the heaviest marlin (the first place boat reeled in a 494.2-lb fish!!!)

Having no frame of reference for multi-million dollar fishing tournaments, I assumed a 442-pounder had to be some sort of record. That is an absolutely insane size for a fish. And that's good for FIFTH?! They're really not playing around for this prize money.

How big do can marlins even be? Now I'm going to have to do some marlin research.

And "Catch 23" is a great name for Jordan's boat and fishing team, by the way. Reags is way off on that take. It might not be an elite name, but I liked it when I saw it.

I guess we'll have to wait and see if MJ is able to reel in another and overtake first place for that $3 million.