Of Course Michael Jordan Is Currently Participating In A $3 Million Fishing Tournament ... There's Money Involved

You saw the headline right? It's a $3 million tournament, Jordan didn't need to hear anything else. You think he gives a shit if he's not a pro fisher? To quote him - he heard the fish talking shit and took it personal. He probably saw a fish smirk as they got away from his rod and lost his mind. He 100% looked at his team on his boat and said the fish started speaking to him. Seems like a very MJ thing to do. 

Speaking of his boat. It's FIRE 

You throw an elephant print like the Jordan 3 on a boat and I'm interested in fishing. Granted I won't do one bit of fishing and would use it for the Instagram or Twitter picture alone, that's how a boat should look. It's also the best shoe in the Jordan collection. 

Speaking of his boat. Catch 23 doesn't feel like a Jordan boat name. I assumed he'd use 23 but be a bit more intense with the name. Catch 23? A play on catch 22 and/or baseball? Not for me. Not the Jordan I know. Need him reminding everyone that he's Michael fucking Jordan. Make fun of Isiah Thomas or something on the name.