Absolutely Nothing Can Convince Me This President Of A New York City Police Union Isn't Henry Winkler

Today, a video of a prominent NYPD police officer has gone semi-viral. In the video, the officer is animatedly speaking about the current issues facing police departments as well as individual offers.

That is not what this blog is about. This blog is about how goddamn much this guy looks like Henry Winkler.

I mean, that is Henry Winkler. His mannerisms, the hair, the actual face. It is shocking. I thought it was actually him until I took a few seconds, wrapped my head around the context of the situation and realized otherwise. So, of course, I decided to then make the joke on Twitter.

What happened next, and what happens any single time anyone decides to joke on the internet, is people got very mad at me, either not understanding the joke, that I knew this (probably) wasn't actually Winkler or just angry I would bring Winkler's name up at all. 

Naturally, things continued to spiral. "Henry Winkler" started trending due to the rapid influx of his name being mentioned, leading people to think he died. One person DMd me pretty angry about this. 

Honestly, I'm only 75 percent sure that isn't Henry Winkler preparing for a role. If that is the case, I expect apologies from a few hundred people on Twitter. Until then, we move on.