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Turns Out Peter Francis Geraci is Not Dead

1st and foremost let's squash one of Chicago's great urban legends: Peter Francis Geraci is not dead. I feel like every time his name comes up I need to do the double check and idk why that is. Part of me feels like this internal wrestling match about PFG's vital signs is just inherent to living in Chicago. No different than craving a beef or bad mouthing mediocre quarterback play on a Sunday afternoon

But seriously though I think I heard from my buddy's cousin at their lake house that Peter Francis Geraci has a place up there and he just died.

But alas he's alive and well, preparing for trials and quarterbacking one of the nation's great bankruptcy practices out of the comfort of a renovated bunker-style Taco Bell. Or is that a Pepes? Either way, great food for completely different reasons that the community probably misses dearly. RIP Fire Sauce. RIP Green Sauce.

But at the same time nothing brings the community together like sound Chapter 7 bankruptcy advice. Especially when offered in conjunction with a no-strings-attached, no money down initial assessment. In suburban America that's called Peace of Mind and it doesn't always take the form of an ice cream shop and warm summer evening. Sometimes it means being able to get heavily leveraged on home-based consumer goods for no other reason than you know your guys in the old Taco Bell have your back. That's why they say every sensible man should have a good tailor, butcher, tavern, accountant and individual bankruptcy attorney. Frank Sinatra called it the Pentagon, allegedly, and I'll be damned if you don't think PFG belongs in the conversation. 

Also - imagine filing for bankruptcy and then your attorney opens his desk drawer and you think he's about to ask you to sign some really serious documents but instead he pulls out a piping hot crunchwrap supreme fresh off the quesadilla grill. WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT he says as he breaks it open with his bare hands, instinctively offering you the smaller half. 

Sounds pretty fucking crazy but if you were about to file for bankruptcy I doubt you're turning down a tasty and affordable lunch on your lawyer's tab. Especially if they have the Baja Blast machine working in the break room like you'd expect. Try and tell me that's not a great bankruptcy experience now shut up and stop lying. 

Welcome Back Peter!