Dude Has Phone Charger Removed From Bladder After Shoving It Up His Wang


A doctor in India has removed a two-foot charging lead from a man's bladder which was stuck there after the patient inserted it into his penis.  

Dr. Walliul Islam, the surgeon treating the man in Assam, northeastern India, said a 30-year-old patient visited the hospital last month, complaining of 'severe pain' in his abdomen.  

Dr. Islam told the Hindustan Times the man had a habit of inserting different objects in his penis for sexual pleasure, but that he repeatedly told staff he had swallowed a pair of earphones.

*Obligatory* (kinda)

Anyone ever seen that old King of the Hill episode where the gang is chilling in the alley drinking some beer and they're talking about how they used to get paddled when they got in trouble at school? That their teacher had a paddle called "ol Spanky" that had holes cored out of it to lower its wind resistance? And every time they'd see the paddle their ass cheeks would pucker up and they'd wince?

That's exactly what happened here when I imagined what it'd be like to stick a 3 foot long phone charger up my dick hole. My asscheeks were so clenched up you couldn't pull a greased up golf tee out from between them. Fucking horrifying, but then again this happened in India. I feel like there are parts of India where "urethral sounding" is preferred to blow jobs when practicing fore play. Just how they rock over there and to each their own. Just not my cup of tea.

I mean look at these goddamn pics: 

No thank you. I've heard passing a kidney stone is the worst pain on the planet, even worse than child birth. That passing out a little built up calcium the size of a grain of sand can make even the toughest dude wanna cry and pass out in pain. Still doesn't compare to urethral sounding though.

Oh and If you would have asked me to guess which foreign country this happened in, I'd tell you it's a coin flip between India and the Florida panhandle. I mean "urethral sounding" sounds like it's right up the alley for most people that reside in those two places. Hope it was