We Officially Have Celtics Workout Footage, I Repeat We Officially Have Celtics Workout Footage!!

I was very very close to making this blog NSFW but then I remembered everyone is at home and if this makes you feel a certain way and you need to run to then bathroom real quick to take care of it, we'll wait for you. Go ahead.





OK welcome back. Hope you have a quick reload time because we have some footage to get to.

Since the second the Red Auerbach center was officially opened for practice, I've been refreshing my timeline like crazy waiting for the first video evidence to drop. Little known fact about me if this is your first time in the blog but I'm a HUGE NBA workout video guy. It's my favorite part of every summer. There's nothing like allowing your heart to get excited about a guy shooting practice shots in a non game environment where every NBA player in existence looks great. Your brain goes to dangerous places even though you know in reality it means nothing but at the same time it means everything. That doesn't really make a lot of sense but to those who know what I'm talking about it makes perfect sense all at the same time. NBA Workout video SZN is the exact type of drug I need right now as we have 53 days left until July 31st

Now what we have right here is 2 minutes worth of footage so of course I am going to break it down based on my first impressions of what we saw

- Gordon's form is still basketball porn. 

- Is post-hiatus Hayward going to have a little floater game? Notice how he went off his left foot. Looks fine to me! I dare you to find a Celtics fan who didn't immediately look at his left foot/ankle. It's all that matters when it comes to Hayward and it looks stronger than ever.

- The Hayward turnaround midrange is the most unguardable turnaround since Dirk don't @me.

- The big question would be if Jayson Tatum would lose any of his shooting touch since he didn't have a hoop to start quarantine. He admitted he hadn't touched a basketball since their game against the Pacers on March 0th. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh looks like Feb/March Tatum to me folks. 

- I see Tatum has a little bit of an afro which is cool, but based on our haircut science that has been proven to be fact, I going to need him to tighten it up come the season. When this team rocks a fresh cut, they are nearly unstoppable and the data supports that claim. You combine a fresh cut with his now connected beard, and that's how you get a player that was basically a walking 30 points a night on like 49% shooting.

- Tatum hasn't missed since January. Prove me wrong.  

All in all this was a perfect first look. Gave us just enough to get excited while still craving more. I need to see Jaylen, Marcus, Timelord etc. I want to see Kemba move around and see if his knee looks like a 30 year old or a 75 year old man like it did pre-hiatus. I wouldn't hate if someone put out a new video every day from now until July. Because now that I've had a taste there is no way I can go cold turkey. Feed me the workout videos, I need them.