Here's Your Latest In MLB Not Playing Baseball Right Now

I hate that this is still an issue, but it is what it is at this point. MLB owners keep making legit the exact same offer just in different forms. That's seriously all this is and it's annoying as fuck

What we know is this:

- Owners keeps making offers, so they want to play. They know that playing baseball in some form this summer is in everyone's best interest financially and otherwise, in spite of what they say publicly about not "needing" to play this season and crying poor to the media. They say that they'll lose $4B in revenue but... that math doesn't really add up, as evidenced by this article:

- Players would rather play 50 games than 76 if the money is equal because of course they would. That goes without say. There's no point in working more and exposing themselves to Covid (is that still a thing?) and other injuries unless they're getting paid more to do so. Obviously

- I'm still using stock baseball pictures for the thumbnail due to circumstances beyond my control

- Owners are still not opening the books. They'll drag this out as long as they possibly can so they never have to open them as well. Eventually they'll get past the point of no return and Manfred can just say "fuck you you're playing 50 games take it or leave it" 

- Players are still unified on their "we demand pro rated pay" front, as they should be IMO 

My Prediction is still that they'll end up playing about 65 games with an expanded playoff field. But if you told me you could guarantee me 76 games right now, I'd take that without batting an eye as a fan.  Just give us baseball and give it to us soon, that's all we ask. 

Fucking owners can pound sand. Jesus Christ.

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