40 Year Old Mike Miller Just Completely Kicking A Memphis Player's Ass In 1-on-1 Is A Laugh Out Loud Video

I say laugh out loud video because Mike Miller is 40 years old and making easy work of a dude playing high level college hoops. Sure this video is a year old, so he's 39, but at that point he's 40. It doesn't matter, Mike Miller was fucking awesome and it just shows how good NBA players are. We see that question always put out on Twitter, like could you score against Harrison Barnes or if you played in a game for 20 minutes would you score x amount of points. You're not Mike Miller. Every shot still looks so fucking smooth too. Like that just hesitation, half pump fake, three without a dribble from 3 feet behind the line? Smooth as shit. Big time dad energy when he gets his elbow hit on the loose ball and he just attacks the rim after. I'm a little shocked he didn't start backing him down like the true dad in the driveway move. Back him down, throw an elbow, lay in. Even funnier that he's doing this backward hat, long sleeves. Mike Miller has gone from college star to NBA player to college assistant coach to dad. I love it. 

He also recently stepped down to spend time with family - his son is a decent recruit. That's a big loss for Memphis. He was a big time part of their recruiting and a ton of players really loved him - as it shows in this video. He was a major part of every recruiting pitch with Penny. 

Even better here he is giving the business to even more players on Memphis: