Awesome: The Kid Who Stole a School Bus For Fun Last Month Was Arrested Yesterday For Stealing Another School Bus

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HP - A 12-year-old boy charged with a felony for allegedly stealing a school bus last month is accused of illegally taking another bus out for a spin. The boy was arrested Wednesday morning after officers in Franklin County, Florida, pulled over a stolen school bus that was being driven erratically. Authorities say a student was behind the wheel of the bus, which was about 55 miles away from his home in Parker, Florida, WMBB TV reports. Investigators said the adolescent thief allegedly stole his family’s car Tuesday night, but ditched it after he saw a school bus at an elementary school, WJHG TV reports. Officials for the Parker Police Department told HuffPost the student is being charged as a minor, but said the city attorney has the option of charging him as an adult. The child will be charged with trespassing on school property, grand theft auto and burglary of conveyance. He also faces additional charges from the Springfield Police Department, according to Bay District School officials say an expulsion hearing will be scheduled for the boy. The junior high school age suspect was also arrested June 24 after allegedly stealing a school bus for a joy ride around Panama City, Florida. That wild ride ended in a Walmart parking lot, nearly 15 miles away from the spot where the bus was last parked. For that crime, he was charged with grand theft of an item worth more than $100,000 and felony criminal mischief. He also was charged with grand theft for a missing student recognition device worth about $2,000.

First blog on the bad boy of busin’

This kid just fucking loves driving school buses. It’s what he thinks about, what he doodles on his notebooks in class, what he fingerpaints in art class. School buses. It’s like how Kobe would spend all his time at the gym getting shots off. First one on the court, last one off. Same for this kid. Needs to be behind the wheel of a school bus. Wakes up, school bus fever. Goes to sleep, wet dreams of making that stop sign hold up traffic. And you know what? That’s the American dream. We are a generation raised to “follow your dreams” and “go out and be whatever you want”. This kid was born to be a school bus driver to the point where he’s addicted to it. His passion has become his poison. He just needs that hit of the school bus pedal to get his blood flowing. Just one more hit of it. So if that means stealing busses, that’s what he’s gonna do. Nobody will stand in his way. Drive or be driven. And he’s out there driving.