An Influencer Poses in a Gown in the Middle of a George Floyd March Because the World is Blind to Itself

[Movie trailer voice:] "It is a time of great civil unrest. A world stands on the brink of anarchy. America's cities are war zones. A deadly virus spreads as more citizens take to the streets. Political leadership is non-existent. But one woman stands alone. Looking amazing in a fabulous Dior midnight black full length gown with dual slits, a  barely-there midriff top and matching Prada shoes with the perfectly accessorized "Black Lives Matter" sign. It's the look that says "I am totally in touch." 

There are going to be a lot of major changes coming out of the events of the last few months and especially the last week. There have to be, if the republic is going to survive in any sort of recognizable form. And many of those changes are going to be fundamental the very way we all live our lives. That's obvious on its face because we can't have more periods in our history like this and bounce back from them. 

It is too much to ask that one of those changes is we put an end to the unholy reign of the Influencers? Can we rid ourselves of their culture once and for all? Or at least reduce the power they have over us? These vapid, ridiculous, tone deaf, self-absorbed, insipid fashionistas using the rest of the world as a backdrop for placating their pathological need to be told they're pretty need to be curbed. Not by force or coercion, just by the rest of us refusing to be props in the background of their perfectly composed, Snap-filtered fantasy lives. By ignoring them until they slowly fade away. Their online fictional selves withering and dying as interest in how perfectly their coiffure falls down along the lines of their carefully blushed cheekbones dries up. 

I'm referring to people like this one:

​And this one:

And now is the perfect moment in history to do it. As this invasive species uses a time of tragedy and genuine suffering to look even more sexy and adorable, let's put them on the Endangered list by unfollowing them whenever possible, until they go away. 

For what it's worth, this is apparently who the model in the black dress is. But the account has been deactivated. 

Don't be Kris Schatzel. Let's all do better.