Wake Up With Mutt The French Bulldog Messenger Who Would Deliver Cigs During WWI

This is Mutt. Just an all-time good boy. In 1917, Mutt was a messenger dog for Americans on the front lines. He'd bomb around from trench to trench with actual news...but also treats for the boys. He'd often have cartons of cigs strapped to his body for the boys. Mutt had a job in the military, but his most important role was lifting morale. You're trapped in a hole, gas wafting towards you, shells coming down around you, and bullets whizzing over your head comes Mutt looking for some belly scratches and giving out kisses. Mutt was even wounded twice during the War but just kept on ticking and delivering whatever the troops needed in the trenches. When the War was over, most dogs were left behind in France. Not Mutt. The guys loved him too much. They broke protocol and snuck Mutt on board a transport ship headed back to NYC. When he was discovered, an officer on board threatened to throw Mutt overboard(that officer should've been court-martialed). Mutt's guys said that if Mutt went overboard they were going overboard with him. French Bulldogs were a big deal in high society NYC back then and when Mutt landed on US soil he found a family he lived out his days a happy dog.  

That's right. A story that actually has a good ending. Shout out to Mutt. One of the all-time great dogs. Have a good day.