Did You Love The Viral TikTok of The Kid Singing Truly Madly Deeply? Just Wait For The Full Version

So this TikTok was honestly maybe the best thing to come out of 2020 so far. 

Just absolutely immaculate vibes. I was in need of a morale boost last night, as are many around the globe, so I decided to tweet the video again. You're welcome for my service. This morning, however, someone tweeted me a video of the original audio. 

Was I naive to assume that this one random kid on TikTok could somehow manage to beautifully harmonize for a TikTok? Of course I was. I have also now been clued in that many people are well aware of this popular video prior to the TikTok. 

However, this blog is not about what we know or don't know, or what we've learned since. It is about me showing you this beautiful goddamn video you may not have known existed until today, so here it is.

Chills, absolute chills. Just a bunch of hooligans being dudes.