It Appears All Is Okay At Florida State After Team Meeting This Morning

Last night was a bad night for FSU football. Somehow, someway, Mike Norvell found himself in a potentially massive controversy before even coaching his first spring game! Zero games before a controversy! Amazing speed even for an FSU coach.

If you're an FSU fan, seeing Marvin Wilson's tweet did not make you feel good. One, because your team is not practicing because of your new head coach, the one you just hired after paying $14 million to fire your old one. Two, because your new head coach may be a massive asshole. Why would Norvell say such a thing if it did not actually happen? How does that help anything right now? 

The good news for FSU fans is Norvell held a team meeting this morning and it appears to have gone well. 

SOURCE-Florida State players are making public comments following a team meeting with Mike Norvell and staff that addressed anger expressed by star defender Marvin Wilson in regards to the coach’s comments on how he’s interacted with players amid social unrest stemming from the death of George Floyd.

Norvell and the team met on Thursday morning, about eight hours after Wilson’s midnight Tweet in which he said the team was not going to partake in voluntary workouts because he felt Norvell lied in comments made to The Athletic earlier in the week.

Here we see two FSU players in their locker room either preparing for a workout or after one:

That is good news because last night we saw Marvin Wilson say he nor his teammates would be working out until further notice. 

I'm sure the locker room is not 100% okay with their head coach right now. I'm sure a lot of guys are still angry, however, it appears by responses on social media that the team meeting this morning helped a potentially disastrous situation. Norvell will have to continue to win back the trust of his players. Not a great start for him at FSU.