Counterpoint: Sometimes Stocks Go Down


I'd like to offer a quick counterpoint to DDTG's message of not to sell, stocks only go up. I've also been a firm believer in this. Though I don't day trade every day, I dabble and in a good market like this, you can make decent money. 

I done fucked up though.

Let me tell you about a stock called GNUS. Here it is, back in the day, riding high before it plummeted to nothing.



Well out of nowhere this week, GNUS came back with the power of 1,000 suns.

From 0 to 8 in a matter of a few weeks, what a dream!



Now let's say you know someone (me) who was told to get in at 2, but didn't listen but finally got in at 6. And the stock kept going up!




What a dream!

And then it opened this morning up another 50%!

Well I know DDTG says stocks only go up...but sometimes....sometimes you should take your 60% profit on a stock that was at 0 two days ago....



Lesson learned- don't be greedy. It was a fun ride though. A day with GNUS I won't soon forget.