Playoffs?!? Who Needs Disney World When We Have Trae Young Showing Up To An Oklahoma Summer League And Dropping 43

The Hawks are one of the 8 teams not to make Disney World. It sucks because I would have loved to see Trae Young in that setting + giving Vince one more game and not having his career end on coronavirus. But, we have Trae Young back home in Oklahoma and we have hoops. Let me repeat. We have hoops on camera. 

Introducing the Skinz League in Oklahoma. It started back in 2016 and according to the guy who created the league:

Skinner estimated that 90% of the league’s 160 players played college basketball. Around 25% are professional players from overseas, the G League, or in Bazley’s case, the NBA.

It runs from May through July and with Oklahoma being opened up, we're seeing guys in the area go play - just like they would in the past. It typically draws former college players from the Oklahoma schools, guys from the Thunder and then just other hoopers. We're seeing more and more of these pop up across the country with The Drew League being the most famous one. 

Now we have Trae Young showing up. Naturally he put on a goddamn show 

Trae Young has gotta be one of the most exciting players to watch in a setting like this. Between his handles, range and passing (way underrated) he's perfect for these pro-am type leagues. Also imagine being one of the non-prop players. You're getting loose. Getting your shots up, stretching. Here comes Trae and you immediately realize you have to chase him around all night. 

Obligatory - the best pro showing up at a summer league type. Kevin Durant at Rucker

Kobe showing up at Rucker in 02 was pretty fucking awesome too

The time Andre Drummond got put on a poster at the Drew League