The Los Angeles Police Commission Publicly Fielded Calls From LA Citizens And It Went About As Well As Expected

I don't know what they expected to gain from this exercise, but I sure do appreciate that it happened. I would say it sounded like buddy was reading off a script, but no one reads that well off a script. That was from the heart, impassioned, and extremely fed the fuck up. Fed up with the garbage that's been happening for years and also with what was happening only during this particular Zoom meeting. This is how a new teacher tries to establish himself as one not to fuck with in late-September after his students have been pushing the line a little more each day. "Can you children sit up straight and even pretend you care about the 600 people's blood on your hands? Is that too much to ask?" Apparently, yes, yes it was. 

The best part of this shot clock laden piece of performative drivel is telling them he understands how tough it must be to have everyone in the world telling them they stink at their jobs. A feeling I know all too well. But to instantly pivot and suggest they run the "be good at your jobs" play gave me my second smile of the week. My first smile, naturally, came from renaming a 50-spot to a "Virgil." That will never not be funny. But this rant was coherent, intelligible, and inarguable. To hit as many points in two minutes is a masterclass in telling someone to eat shit. 

I hope these rants aren't for nothing. It feels naive to believe change is near, but I don't remember a time when this many people were this fed up.