"Can Somebody PLEASE Find Ja Rule, So I Can Make Sense Of All This"

I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now.

Replace Ja Rule with Vibbs, celebrity with white, and Dave Chappelle sums up how I feel writing about issues. No one is waiting frantically by their devices for what I have to say about race. I'm sitting by the television, scrolling through my timeline, trying to figure it all out just like every other person in America. 

Cheering from the sidelines can help the team, but it only goes so far. Even if you are not a starter, you can still go in and contribute

National Geographic has a documentary on Netflix comparing the Watts Riots of 1965 to the LA Riots in 1992 , where in both cases police brutalized black men - Rodney King & Marquette Frye

I watched LA 92 before Ahmaud Arbery was gunned down. BEFORE George Floyd had a knee in his neck for 8 minutes. The footage stuck with me. I blogged about the documentary

There were times I couldn't believe what I was seeing from the news helicopters in south central LA. Moments where I wanted to yell, and times where I couldn't believe what I saw people doing to each other.

Maybe 90's kids will remember the 1992 riots?

Doesn't matter. You've already seen the entire documentary. Citizens protesting, riots, fires, destruction, armed citizens defending shops. It's the same exact story you've seen all week. Because another black man was senselessly murdered.

Politics can divide us and muddy the waters on issues, but the least we can do is listen and understand ... we all don't all get the same treatment as Chip.