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Dayton And Ole Miss Scheduled A Hoops Game Against Each Other This Coming Season Because Of A Like On Twitter

This is starting to become one of my favorite trends in college hoops. Teams going on Twitter and putting out to anyone and everyone that they want to play a game against a decent opponent. This is especially true for a team like Dayton or really any A-10, MWC, MVC type team. They struggle booking nonconference games because they aren't bad enough to be buy-games but typically aren't good enough to really help a schedule - obviously there are outliers, but those are the two things major teams are looking to schedule. 

I love how this transpired though. Now sure how long prior it was booked when they put out these tweets, but this exchange all started by Ole Miss seeing this tweet. This is how it works now. People are trying to find different ways to schedule, even more so thanks to coronavirus. I saw numerous Director of Basketball Ops, whoever is doing the scheduling putting out tweets trying to organize a game against someone local. 

I do love how teams are starting to actually be entertaining on Twitter: 

Giving the nod to Dayton here since Ole Miss chirping about winning a First Four game doesn't really hit the same. Dayton using a clip of actually beating Ole Miss in Oxford is how you do it. Either way give me more of this. Give me teams setting up shit on Twitter and talking some shit.