Did You Know In "The Office" The Herr's Salt And Vinegar Chips Are In The Vending Machine The Whole Time?

Now the bag there says "Hertz" but I'm assuming that's copyright or something? Because they look exactly like Herr's Salt and Vinegar chips:

Anyway, did people know this? Is this a thing? Because I just saw it and it blew my mind. This is sneaky one of my favorite Office episodes, as it's the beginning of my favorite relationship in the show (Jim 100% should have been with Karen, if you disagree you are wrong. Absolute power couple).

Instead of thinking it is a continuity issue I'm just gonna dive deeper into the crevasse and assume it was intentional. Karen knew it was there but she was so taken by Jim she conjured up this little game for them to get closer to each other. Or maybe Jim saw it but pretended it wasn't there so they could spend time together, like he did with Pam and pretending he didn't know how to photocopy or drive stick. That's what I'll believe. That this is a very deep and touching plot twist rather than just a fuck up that makes the Thrones Starbucks cup look like child's play.