Trying And Failing Is Better Than Not Trying At All

I've often said, on numerous occasions, the biggest problem with Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech was that it didn't have any sick drops. Bass? Hardly any if at all. How are you supposed to really move and inspire without a looped synth? Luckily, David Guetta fixed that yesterday during his live stream raising money for COVID-19 relief funds. Guetta raised nearly $700,000 during this stream, which is noble of him. He didn't have to do shit for either cause. In fact if he just did his stream as is and said nothing about George Floyd I don't think anyone would have noticed or ripped him for not speaking out. So he gets credit for using his platform to speak out on behalf of unity and peace, he gets credit for using George Floyd's name with that many eyes on him. Lord knows there are plenty of smaller, lesser known international artists who have said nothing at all. 

HOWEVER, Skip Bayless, he also gets roasted for chopping up MLK's speech and infusing it into some pop house music. Other people are trying to bury him and call it tone deaf, that feels a bit extreme. It's worthy of ridicule, because it's fucking preposterous to put perhaps the most important speech of the 20th Century over the same music typically reserved for MDMA soaked pupils under seizure inducing strobe lights while there are people out in the streets, putting their freedom on the line in protest of police brutality and racial inequality. But give me a guy trying to do what he feels is a right thing over someone who sits on his hands and does nothing every day of the week. You can work with that guy, he's more prone to listening and adjusting than the guy who only offers criticism and no plausible solutions. Will Compton, KFC, and other people have written about how they want to speak out or help in some ways but really don't know what they can do or how they can help in the best way. They just don't happen to be house DJs, if they were, this might have been their crack at it and we'd be sitting here clowning them.