Where The Hell Did This Maniacal Laugh I Geeked Out Come From?

What an honor to be put in the same class with those weird laugh legends. I don't know what came over when I blurted out those giggles, but by God at least it was inspired by a beautiful Copter hill on top of the hospital. Also h/t to our guy unfiltered nerd for putting that video together...I never would've been able to think of all those other laughs to throw in there if we're being honest.

We're back on Verdansk today as I'm trying my hand in duos for the first time with the General. We are gonna play until we win one for however long that may be. There are going to be screams on top of screams so I'm just praying we get a W quick...yet we all know that will not be the case. 

And we're off!