Dude Trades His Adorable German Shepherd Pup For a Pair Of Sneakers In What May Go Down As The Most Lopsided Trade In History

There have been some awful trades in the history of this country. A few that come to mind...Babe Ruth was traded for a musical, Elway was practically given away to the Broncos, Kobe for Divac, Hershel Walker for every pick the Vikings had. Lots of decisions by organizations that changed their futures for better or for worse in lopsided fashion. 

Well I think one transaction you can add near the top of the list is Gustavo sending away his full breed german shepherd for a pair of shoes. First of all, I feel weird seeing an innocent dog being exchanged for a commodity like sneakers. Hopefully it's for the best and the dog gets a great life now, but it definitely feels wrong. Not entirely sure if it's legal either. I don't care how nice the sneakers are I could never look my dog in the face and say some pair of kicks are worth more than him. I'd go homeless before selling my dog. 

Now look at this pup. 

For fucking sneakers. Ugly ones too. 

Absolute robbery. A fleece of epic proportions. My man got a new best friend and gave up an ugly pair of sneakers in the process. Even if we take the human side out of this and treat it like a sneaker head, $300 sneakers for a german shepherd is laughable. Dogs are expensive. I read that specific breed of dog can run you up to $1000 normally. Every angle of this deal is just horrible for Gustavo. Bill O'Brien even thinks he got ripped off. You can't trust Gustavo with any decisions moving forward. Dude lost the deal the moment he asked if the sneakers were still available. 

Hopefully that good girl is going into a great home where she's cared for and valued more than a pair of $300 kicks.