Ever Wonder What A Drive-Thru Strip Club Looks Like? Wonder No More, Here's 'The World Is Still Sexy' In Germany

[Source] - Randy motorists queued up at the drive-through in Landshut, Bavaria, on Friday to see live performances of go-go dancers and DJs. The shows take place on Friday and Saturday between 11pm and 3am local time and cost €35 (£31.40)

The tickets for the show come with a glass of sparkling wine for the motorists to drink as they stare at the dancers. Motorists are allowed into the tent but only for around 15 minutes.

Every single business across the world has had to get creative during the pandemic. I know in Cincinnati I've seen breweries operate with deliveries like an adult ice cream truck. I've seen restaurants turn into drive-thrus, etc. But this? The World is Still Sexy over in Germany? Not only is that a perfect tagline, it's a beautiful, beautiful sight. 

We've seen strip clubs in America turn into food delivery service: 

We even saw a strip club in Virginia Beach turn into a drive-thru

But we have more than that over here in Germany. I don't know if 'The World is Still Sexy' is the official name of the club, but I'm calling it that. It's a grade A strip club name. They get 15 minutes in the tent. They get a glass of sparkling wine! There's even guy and girl dancers, for everyone! This is exactly what the world needs to help heal from Coronavirus. 

I'm not going to knock strip clubs because who doesn't enjoy a good strip club trip with buddies? But you're just sitting in your car here. You can't sit there with buddies unless you drive in together and park nearby. Feel like that loses its luster. Can just fire up some porn on the Internet and see someone naked. 

I love the fact that they have DJs too. Just really go all out. Again, I love the idea. Gotta get creative during these times. 

PS: I love the guy video taping at 1:40. What a move