Guts Duggerton! (6) Tennessee Beats (9) Alabama After America’s Coach Rolls the Dice in Overtime

Wow. Wow. Wow.

As Coach Duggs stated at the top of tonight's stream, a silly video game career with a fictional coach is nothing compared to what is going on in the real world right now. It is scary. It is sad. And it is, of course, very, very important.

But it was refreshing to have something to smile about today. That's because Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers are now 9-0 after an overtime thriller at Alabama tonight. 

It certainly didn't come easy, though. The Vols had the majority of the momentum in the first half, not allowing a single point for 99.9% of it. Until the final play happened. Alabama set up the Hail Mary formation with little to lose.

Yikes! A brutal way to head into the break. Tennessee was still up by seven at the time, but all momentum built up seemed to be gone. Pair that with a massive lag that lasted throughout the game, and things didn't look too hot.

It took a little while for QB Caleb Pressley and the Volunteer offense to get their mojo back in the second half. The Heisman Hopeful battled through an injury as the game went on, and we were tied up after three quarters of play.

So, here we go. The biggest six minutes of Coach Duggerton's career. A chance to dethrone Alabama in Tuscaloosa. What an opportunity at hand.

Pressley realized the moment to rise up, and so did Rico Burgerton.


What. A. Move! Would have loved to hear a Boomer highlight voiceover on that play. It's up there with one of the slickest spins you'll ever see by a Coach Duggs-led player.

The Crimson Tide would then tie things back up at 21-21 as time continued to shrink. Pressley threw a few awful interceptions, and suddenly, it was Alabama in the driver's seat in the final minute.

And then we all witnessed something that confirmed this is, in fact, a video game after all.

A huge missed opportunity by Nick Saban, of all people. He leaves a timeout in his pocket, and we are off to OT. Bama got the ball first and scored with no issue to make it 28-21.

The Vols then struck back and found their way into the end zone as well. Off to Double OT, right? 

Nope. That's not the Gus Duggerton way. With nearly 70,000 folks watching all around the country, America's Coach put everything on the line and sent the Crimson Tide home with a loss in their backyard. Here's the game-winning two-point conversion once again:


Just unbelievable stuff. Gus Duggerton's squad has that DNA. They are 9-0, they are gaining national respect day-by-day, and they just pulled off one of the biggest regular season wins in Coach Duggs history.

Tomorrow night, it's back to work for the Vols. Tennessee is now number *TWO* in the country, and they'll head to Missouri to try to make it double-digit wins. We'll see you then (time TBD).