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Turns Out Some People On The Internet Are Still Good

Anyone who spends any time on Twitter, which I imagine is the majority of people reading the blog, knows that it has been an absolute hellscape the last few days. Well, always, but especially the last few days. This post is not about that though. This blog is to show you all just a tiny sample size of the good that Twitter can serve. 

After accidentally paying $30 too much to my roommate for rent and him sending it back, I figured I would channel my inner Shea Serrano and donate it to someone on Twitter who needed some help right now, which is obviously a ton of people. 

You'll never believe what happened next! Sorry, that's the clickbait Bailey in me, tough to suppress the clickbait life. But seriously, A few people jumped in offering to match my measly $30 right away, which obviously made me happy. 

Then, other people just started hopping in the thread and picking out random people, the goat and fellow Barstool employee Joey Mulinaro (just moments before his beer pong mach started) included. 

Before I knew it, I had people absolutely FLOODING my Venmo inbox with donations for me to distribute to those in need. 

In just an hour, until my Venmo account was locked from sending too much money, we sent out over $2000 in donations and a ton more than that for individuals who were just jumping in themselves.

It wasn't anything insane. Many people who I work with here have raised exponentially much more for causes, but I felt like it was something that might put some people in an even slightly better mood about everything going on in the world right now. I promise, go take a look at the thread, see absolute strangers helping one another, and try not to at least be a little less angry.

UPDATE: People are great.