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Snapshots Of A High School Bob Fox

I went through my senior yearbook for the first time in forever last night (really Rob? you graduated last year) and came across this hilarious shot, pictured above, that I genuinely have no recollection of ever seeing before. Ladies Man Bob Fox?

Read a couple of these funny replies while I drop and start doing some pushups, because YIKES at those pipe cleaner arms....

I also came across this photo of me at my old gig - the concessions stand at AMC Theaters....

…a job that I hated the fuck outta, but you know what? 

Right now, I think I'd work a shift for free just to get outta the house. What a weird world it's come to where that's the case.

I wrote extensively about my time at AMC Theaters in THIS blog if you wanna hear more about that….

…but yeah, that's high school Bob in a nutshell, I guess!

Maybe one of these days we'll dig back even further….