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Pray For This Man Charles Barkley Interviewed On TNT's "American Race"

It's been a heavy time in the news this week, so here's my attempt at keeping it light...

If you remember, in 2017 TNT greenlit a four-part docu-series hosted by Charles Barkley called, "American Race." We all realize that Sir Charles may not be the best person to travel from state to state tackling all the complexities of America's race relations issue but he definitely brought these conversations to light.

Watch this clip from the final episode of Barkley's series that highlights Richard Spencer's version of America's history. 

Here's a link to the full episode called The Divided States Of America. I know the concept of race is a heavy topic but it's Charles Barkley, so you're bound to laugh at least once.

We got a couple of Ask A Black Blogger questions regarding what people in the majority should be sharing on social media to show their support for racial injustices in America. Start by figuring out where you stand on the matter. If you share the opinions of that poor misinformed soul on Charles Barkley's show, then just keep your opinions to yourself.