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People Are Begging For It, So Here It Is. The States, Ranked

I am a man of the people. I live to serve. You ask, I deliver. I know no other way.

Here it is:

1. Liquids - Water is a liquid (sometimes) and what is more important than water? Nothing. Also, booze. Booze is great. Also, bodies of water are a big thing for me, and those are also liquid (except bitchass glaciers). Also, glass! Did you know that? What a fun fact.

2. Solids - Food is solid (sometimes) and also very important. Also, human bodies, in which I live inside, are solid. Or acts as a housing for my spirit, I guess. I am now having a bit of an existential crisis and will be moving on. 

3. Plasma - Hand up, don't know what plasma is. Doesn't stop me from saying it is definitely better than gas, though. It just has to be. Gas stinks (get it).

4. Gases - Uhhh, farts? Gross. No thanks. Also, global warming, ever heard of it? Obvious spot for number four.

Not sure why everyone is so mad about these rankings, seems pretty straightforward.

Clickbait Bailey, baby