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Anderson Silva Challenges Conor McGregor To A 176.37lbs Superfight, Conor Accepts?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about Conor McGregor accepting Oscar De La Hoya's challenge to a boxing match when he claimed he could knock the Irishman out in 2 rounds. Remember that?

This is pretty much the exact same thing repeating itself all over again, but for some reason, people seem to be acting like this is anything more than a big craic, as they say. 

Conor's CLEARLY joking - I mean, he'd probably fight Anderson (as Dana White always says, Conor McGregor has never turned down a fight in his life) - but read the man's tweets here! In this context, he's joking. He says he'd go up to 185lbs to fight Anderson Silva! Homeboy is 5'9" and walks around at like 168lbs! He's not going up to 185! He's havin a laugh!

Even Coach Kavanagh got in on it and said they'd only accept if the fight was at 176.36...

I promise you guys - this ain't happening. 

45-year-old Anderson Silva wants a catchweight superfight with the biggest draw of all time at 176.37lbs (???) coming off back-to-back losses - the most recent of which lasted 13 seconds before his leg just completely gave out and they had to basically cancel the fight? Dana White is not going to give that to him, and I don't see a scenario in which this fight gets done without Dana White.

Just yesterday, Dana denied the possibility of Conor getting a shot at Kamaru Usman's title next because it isn't what makes sense….

….and there's no case for this being more sensible.

I know Masvidal is talking a lot about that Diaz rematch recently, but something tells me McGregor will be the one getting another crack at Nate come July. That's no insider info or anything, just gut instinct.