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A Paralyzed Deaf-Mute Teenager Attempted To Rob A Jewelry Store In A Wheelchair With A Fake Gun That He Held With His Feet

Daily Mail- This is the moment a paralyzed deaf-mute teenager tried to rob a jewelry store in Brazil by aiming a fake gun with his feet. The astonishing incident unfolded Monday afternoon at a shop in Canela, Rio Grande de Sul, when the 19-year-old placed a threatening note on the counter using his feet. The note from the suspect, who authorities say has cerebral palsy and cannot move his hands, read: 'Hand over everything. Don't raise attention.'

Hand up when I saw this headline come across my computer, I dismissed it as some sort of sensational gotcha journalism. However after watching the game film, I have to applaud this young man for personifying the human spirit by refusing to fold the cards that life dealt him and instead playing that impossible offsuit stacked deck to accomplish his dream of becoming a(n attempted) jewelry thief. I'm not saying he'd be a first round pick of the Danny Ocean All-Stars or anything like that. But this would be crook showed a ton of potential in what was a much smoother robbery attempt than I could have possibly imagined before watching the video from the handling of the gun, to the backup plan of a knife, to even the penmanship of the note.

I know this isn't exactly the way we get to statements like this, but this video proves if you follow your dreams and believe in yourself, there is nothing you can't accomplish, or at least almost accomplish. 

Close us out, KG!