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The Basketball Hall Of Fame Makes The No Brainer Decision And Pushes Their Induction Ceremony To 2021

(ESPN) - Count the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame as the latest institution to have its best-laid plans felled by the coronavirus.

Jerry Colangelo, the chairman of the board of the governors for the Hall, told ESPN Wednesday that enshrinement ceremonies for the Class of 2020, one of the most star-studded lineups ever which includes Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett and the late Kobe Bryant, will be moved to spring of 2021.

Colangelo said the original dates of enshrinement weekend, Aug. 28-30, and the proposed alternate dates of Oct. 10-12 are "just not feasible" in light of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed over 100,000 in the U.S. and has rendered large gatherings taboo. The board of governors will convene on June 10, he said, to explore spring dates.

"We're definitely canceling," Colangelo said. "It's going to have to be the first quarter of next year. We'll meet in a couple of weeks and look at the options of how and when and where."

Well this I think we can all agree is the most no brainer decision of all time. In fact, right after baseball announced they were doing the same at the end of April I wrote this blog 

because it simply makes too much sense. When you're inducting arguably one of the most loaded HOF classes of all time, they deserve a fitting ceremony. Especially with Kobe going in. There's no need to rush it, the HOF isn't going anywhere, so if this means you combine two classes into one event and have one super long ceremony, who could have a problem with that? I love HOF induction speeches and something tells me a 2020 + 2021 class induction is going to be an all time induction ceremony. Remember, Paul Pierce will most likely be getting in next year, maybe Chris Webber, Shawn Marion, Ben Wallace, etc as well. 

I'm just glad the powers at be used their brains and came to this conclusion, because really it was the only conclusion that made sense. Can't have coronavirus ruining an event like this and hopefully by whatever date they choose we'll be in a position where everyone can join up to celebrate these legends. If not, keep pushing it back. I don't care if we are inducting the 2020 class in 2025 if you have to. These are icons of the sport and should have their moment done right. Plus, from the sounds of it there's going to be real basketball going on later this summer anyways so it's not like anyone is going to miss it. Win-win for everyone involved.

Now, as always, cue the highlights!