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Trevor Bauer Rips Scott Boras, Telling Him To Keep His Personal Agenda Out Of The Players Union's Negotiations With The Owners

Between the Houston Astros cheating scandal and the debacle we're watching unfold with the MLB's plan to bring baseball back, I've really grown to appreciate Trevor Bauer. I have unlimited respect for athletes willing to speak their mind and be candid about this kind of shit. Obviously with that you're not going to agree with everything they say, but it's a breath of fresh air when players speak out like he does. Did I think we'd get Trevor Bauer calling out Scott Boras in the middle of these negotiations? No sir, but here we are. Was this the owners' plan all along? If they wanted a divide that tweet would you to believe there's some kind of split going on.

Now I don't know exactly what Bauer is pissed off about here so it's tough to actually argue with him, but I do know that Scott Boras is just about as pro-player as it gets. He's made his guys over ONE BILLION DOLLARS in negotiated contracts during his time involved with baseball. He shatters records every year getting his players what they deserve. At the beginning of these talks he spoke out on how the players already agreed to pro-rated contracts in March and that a second pay-cut was unjustified. You would imagine he would have the same thinking as the players right now. 

The MLB's latest proposal aimed to divide the union with a pay-scale system. The richest players get fucked the most with around a 75% pay-cut while the cheaper contracts get right around what they agreed upon in late March. We know Boras represents the high profile guys like Gerrit Cole, but he also handles his fair share of the lower end guys as well. I'm not sure where his personal agendas would come into play here, but then again we know absolutely zero details here aside from the angry Bauer tweet. I just don't see something he did right now would be pissing off Bauer like this. I'm very confused. Could he have his own agendas? Yeah I mean we all do to a certain extent, but his personal agendas generally end up with players making lots of money. 

If anything I'd want Boras doing 100% of the negotiations for the players here. He wants them all to get their money and in the fairest of ways. There's no one built better to handle these back and forth fights with the owners than him. The owners see Boras enter the room/Zoom and they start panicking. He's the final boss. You don't get the better of him ever. He always wins.