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Dortmund Is Getting Rid Of A World Cup Champ Because He 'Flipped The Switch' With His Wife And Cares Too Much About Social Media

Ah, March 1. Such a simpler time in our lives. We had sports. The flip the switch challenge was all the rage on TikTok. It's pretty basic - you stand there with your significant other, turn the lights off and change clothes. Celebrities all across the world started doing it, including Mario Gotze and his wife Ann-Kathrin Brommel. Seemed innocent, right? 

Well fast forward to today: 

According to Bild, Dortmund decided to let Gotze leave for nothing at the end of the season because he has failed to progress on the field.

But they claim his lifestyle off it has also been a contributing factor. With an Instagram following of 8.4million followers, they suggest the player has become more worried about his social presence alongside wife and influencer Ann-Kathrin Brommel.

That was confirmed when the pair starred in a TikTok video where Gotze ended up wearing his wife's leopard print dress.

Whoops! Gotze isn't a nobody either. The dude is a legit star. He scored the game-winning goal for Germany in the 2014 World Cup final. He started his career with Dortmund before moving to Bayern Munich and then coming back to Dortmund in 2016. He started playing on the senior teams for both Germany and Dortmund when he was 18-years old. 

Now? Now he's not on the roster for Dortmund and getting let go for nothing. Not only that but there really aren't major club names reportedly knocking on his door. The reports say that clubs like West Ham and Everton are interested. This is a guy that you don't have to pay a transfer fee for even! But he apparently is just addicted to being on social media with his wife: 

Here's the thing. OF COURSE he's addicted to social media. He's 27 years old, famous with a wife who is an influencer with 1.2 million Instagram followers. Now he has to play to not care, but if he's playing at a decent level no one should give a shit if he's addicted to social media. Kind of hilarious that stupid challenge is leading to his downfall though.