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Well Shit, Patrick Ewing Just Announced That He Has Tested Positive For The Coronavirus

Fuuuuuuck man. I know that we have been flooded with coronavirus news and diagnoses since all this shit started going down to the point this all feels normal now and getting it is by no means a death sentence. But seeing Patrick Ewing tested positive for COVID-19 stopped me dead in my tracks. Maybe it's because I am lucky enough not to know anybody who got the bug and the crazy amount of time I spent watching Patrick Ewing on TV as a kid has him feeling like a family member. But I worry about him the same way I would worry about people I know over the age of 55 with an unknown health history getting this shitty virus. Can Patrick Ewing ever catch a fucking break?

Anyway, get well Big Fella. The one word I always heard about you growing up was "Warrior" for all the injuries you battled through back in the day. If you can battle through playing a zillion NBA minutes with knee braces on for what felt like your entire career, the coronavirus is going to be light work.