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UCONN Do It, Coach Duggs! Volunteers, Huskies Set For Afternoon Clash

Look out, college football world. Head Coach Gus Duggerton and the Tennessee Volunteers are ROLLING two games into the season. 

Two wins, two blowouts, two 50 burgers. And tons of highlights. Now, a familiar foe comes to Knoxville: The Connecticut Huskies.

That was back in Season II for Coach Duggs, though. Fast forward to today, and the Duggernaut has three more seasons under his belt. He isn't the new kid on the block anymore. He is coming for blood.

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One thing to keep an eye out for today: The connection between QB Caleb Pressley and WR Dwayne Rogers Cole. The tandem linked up for three touchdowns last night in the 55-35 win at Baylor, and they'll look to have a similar performance this afternoon.

It's Coach Duggs, Brandon Walker, and Rone live from the sidelines in Knoxville at the top of the hour. We'll see you then.