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Mr. Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring Fetches Over a Million Bucks for Charity

No big deal. Just a man giving away one of his most prized possessions. A treasure with such sentimental value as to be invaluable. Like a family heirloom with such an emotional pull that it has a worth far exceeding the costs of its 283 diamonds. white gold,  weight of 5.1 carats and the cost of engraving "Unequivocally the sweetest" and "Greatest comeback ever" into its magnificently crafted sides.

So far, the name of the person who spent $1,025,000 on this exquisite jewel, a game in RKK's private box, dinner and drinks and maybe even a flight on AirKraft One has not been revealed. I can't positively rule out that it was Dave, but I like to think if he did win the bid I'd have heard from him to invite me along. 

I also am not ruling out Arthur Blank, since it would give him a chance to possess the ring that was ripped out of his hands once he made the move to the Falcons sidelines and made an ass out of himself dancing like the Six Flags guy. He then could cast cast it into Mount Doom and get rid of the Precious that's been haunting him for four years. 

Or maybe it was Putin, sending his Russian hackers into the bidding to steal yet another of Mr. Kraft's rings. I'm ruling nothing out.

All we know for sure is that RKK, this mogul, visionary, diplomat, lover of beautiful women, fighter for justice, world renowned philanthropist and close, personal friend of mine, has done as much to help in this time of need than maybe any person of means in America. Some people talk the talk. Some guys give away their worldly goods to raise millions to feed the needy. That's my owner.