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Wake Up With A Pirates Fan Getting Smoked In The Balls By A Home Run

I get that this guy put his hands up at the last minute so he wouldn't interfere with the ball if it was in play, I get that. But why on earth would you not cover your balls at least? This fan saw this ball coming at him and didn't protect the family jewels, literally the first thing I'd try to do. I love Pittsburgh, I have family in Pittsburgh, but this is a baaaad look for those fans up there. I mean imagine going to a Pirates game and thats not the worst part of your night. Getting rocketed in the dick slightly tops watching that team play. Announcers had some fun with it too, and I love that it went to replay just so a room full of guys in New York could laugh at this dude.   I MEAN HIS HANDS WERE IN THE RIGHT SPOT AND HE MOVED THEM!!!! And you know this guy eventually went to the bathroom and threw up every single Primanti brothers sandwich he had eaten that week, def had the feeling where they shoot up into your stomach. 

Enjoy your Friday, friends.