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Drunk Mayor Gets Caught Violating Lockdown Orders, Tries To Disguise Himself As Corpse

Before we even get into this whole ordeal I just want to point out how absurd the picture is. He was already caught, then asked to pose again as a dead body. Like how do you possibly allow that picture to be taken? You think the mayor of a Peruvian town could at least get away without the picture being taken. Just a bad look.


The mayor of a small town in Peru played dead when police snared him flouting lockdown rules to allegedly drink with friends.

Jaime Rolando Urbina Torres, mayor of Tantara, hid in a coffin and faked his own death when officers arrived to arrest him, police said.

I won't sit here and pretend to be mad at this guy for going out and having a blast with his friends. Sure, one could argue that his antics are reckless and that they put people in danger. However, if put in a similar situation, I think many people would do the same exact thing. Ok, maybe not the fake-your-own-death part but more so the part about breaking quarantine rules to get pissed with the lads. I feel like being the mayor of a small town in Peru, you can get away with a lot of things, i.e. drinking your face off while the rest of the world sits in fear of the coronavirus. 

I'm sure if he was just caught drinking out, we would've never heard about it. It would've been swept under the small-time Peruvian government rug in a fucking nanosecond had the mayor just been out drinking with a few pals. It becomes a much different story when you get caught trying to fake your own death. 

The wildest part of this story is that he knew officers were coming, yet he decided to stick around and pretend to be a corpse. 

"Oh wow that body looks awfully like the mayor, what a coinkydink"

That would've been the possible turn out for hiding as a dead body. I just don't understand why he didn't just run away. It seems like that would've been the best possible option - at least then he would've had a chance to not get caught. The second-hand embarrassment I'm getting just from the thought of the police shinning their light on this guy and realizing it's the mayor is absolutely through the roof. I'm not even sure that he would be able to come back from this in a pre-coronavirus world, let alone in the middle of a global pandemic.

A picture released by local police shows him lying in an open casket with a face mask on, while his friends are said to have hid in drawers.

Again, I'm not sure how this man was able to pose for a picture in the midst of all this. His career is surely ruined, he just got all his friends into boatloads of trouble, yet he had no problem hopping back into the coffin for a vanity shot. You'd imagine that he would be reluctant, that he wouldn't want to on account of embarrassment - amongst everything else - but no, no issues getting back in the coffin for good ole JRUT. 

The mayor has already faced a barrage of criticism from locals for being absent for breaking the rules and being absent from his own town during the lockdown.

Yeah something just tells me that this is the end of his mayoral term. At least the people get what they wanted.